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Spotlight on Graham Funnell, our residential manager

19th October 2017

Spotlight on Graham Funnell our residential manager - interview by our service users


Where do you live? Tunbridge Wells.

What made you want to come and work at Scotts? I think Scotts Project is a lovely place. It feels homely. It has a good reputation and lovely service users.

What do you do here? I make sure everything works and everyone gets what they need. I make sure that we are working within the law, and I do paperwork and deal with legislation.

What qualifications have you got? Level 5 diploma in Health and Social Care.

Have you supported people before? I was deputy manager of day services at Peppenbury.

Are you enjoying working here? I am enjoying my new job very much. There are considerable challenges but I am enjoying overcoming them.

Do you have any hobbies/interests? I like photography, motor biking, kayaking, fishing and wildlife. Recently I went to Dungeness and saw grass snakes and water voles. Sometimes I see porpoise when I’m fishing.

Do you have a favourite period in history? I like history. I recently visited Hever Castle. It is a beautiful place.

What kind of holidays do you like? In the last couple of years I’ve been to the coast, Cornwall and Shetland.

What food do you like? I should say something sophisticated, but last night I had chicken nuggets, mayo and chilli sauce.

Do you exercise? I have a weights bench and a cross trainer, but I have found out that they don’t work unless you use them!

Do you have any pets? Yes, I’ve got tropical fish and in the past I’ve had ducks, chickens, cats, and bees.

Do you like music? I think I’m about 25 years out of date. I recently bought a wind-up gramophone and some 78 rpm records at an auction. I’ll have to bring them in for you to listen to.

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